We are aquanation. We are a live streaming platform for aquariums. We are currently showing one of our aquariums, our main tank. The light in this tank will be on from about 10 am until 10 pm CET. To be able to provide aquarium streams around the clock we have a secton of user streams, check out our users streams on our streams page. We’re planning to add a videos section with aquarium videos in the future, this way you can always enjoy our aquariums, even when we’re dark or offline.

We are looking for other streams to be added to our website. You can register an account and start streaming. There also is a section for streams of professional zoos and aquariums. Do you want to be added? please contact us.Β 


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Meet our fish

These are just some of our fish, to see them all, please visit our streams.



Aquanation - 2

Aquanation - 2




We are always looking to improve our website. We want an international domain name, better video camera for our stream, More of our aquariums added to our website and more. Please donate to help us achieve those goals, thank you! Ideas about how can improve? Leave them in the donation comments or contact us.